Klyn Nurseries

Klyn Nurseries, Inc. is located in Perry, Ohio.  Growing on over 500 acres, their field and container inventory has over 1600 varieties of plants of which 80-90% is propagated internally.  Their diverse offering includes field and container grown rhododendrons, conifers, maples, deciduous azaleas, boxwood and ilex.  Klyn grows many plants native to New England includings:

Acer saccharumBetula alleghaniensisMyrica
Amelanchier     Betula papyrifera      Vaccinium
Azalea viscosum       Hamamelis

Shipping weekly March – November  (Catalog).

Willoway Nursery

Willoway Nurseries, Inc. is located in Avon, Ohio.  Family owned and operated for over 50 years, this premier regional supplier grows over 2000 varieties of container and field grown trees, shrubs and perennials on 1000 acres.  Willoway’s container division has over 500,00 Pot in Pot sockets producing caliper trees and large shrubs all season long.  They are among a preferred group of growers for Proven Winners, Endless Summer and a founding member of the Novalis Group (Plants that Work).

“The Willoway Advantage”
 -Quality Plants
 -Just in Time

Exclusively for Independent Garden Centers
 and Landscape Contractors.

Shipping weekly March – November

Strathmeyer Forests, Inc.

For over 75 years, Strathmeyer Forests, Inc. has been providing landscapers and garden centers with high quality evergreen stock. Family-owned and operated, Strathmeyer has been working diligently to improve the genetic quality of their evergreen transplants, seedlings and B&B trees.  This commitment to product improvement has been instilled in four generations of the Strathmeyer family and will continue to be passed to their sons and daughters.  

~Consistent and excellent quality- well suited for retail sales and landscaping.

~Sizes from seedlings to 12’ B&B fir, pine, spruce and Strathmeyer Select Blue

~ ”E-Z plant evergreens” in 7 gallon basket- retail friendly tree complete with
   planting instructions and handles for easy pick-up.  Attractive trees that make
   excellent living Christmas tree.

Located in Dover, PA.  Harvesting and shipping March- late May and again August- November.  Call for Catalog.


Schichtel's Nursery

Schichtel’s Nurseries, Inc. is located in Springville, New York.  Their productions include field grown conifers, shade and ornamental trees, fruiting trees offered balled and burlap as well as bare root.  They also offer specimen field grown lilacs, rhododendrons and viburnums.  

Shipping Spring and Fall as digging conditions permit.  (Catalog).

Gardenscape Nursery

Gardenscape Nursery is located in Salem, Oregon.  Originally producing rhododendrons and deciduous azaleas this grower has continually added to its product mix.  Added now to its 70+ varieties of rhododendrons are an excellent selection of grafted conifers, japanese maple cultivars, buxus, kalmia, ilex, pieris and ornamental trees.  Gardenscape strives to grow the highest quality stock and believes as a smaller nursery they are able to give personal attention to both plants and customers.  Truly, “Deeply Rooted in Quality.”  (Catalog).
Russell's Nursery

Three generations of the Russell family have made customer satisfaction and quality cornerstones of their business.
Located near Gardenscape Nursery, Russell’s Nursery specializes in dwarf, rare and unusual conifers.  Japanese maples and rhododendrons.  These two growers are a perfect complement to each other.  Russell’s unique selection, quality and range of sizes allow independent garden centers and landscape contractors to set themselves apart.

Remember, quality always sells out quickly.  Ordering early (June/July) is always recommended to get the best selection.  (Catalog).